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They would have been seriously hurt or killed! I could hear Lani pleading with her mom as she was forced behind me.

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I started to push up when Lani joined me on the right. Mom would have none of it, pressing her left hand into my shoulders and forcing me farther over the rail. Mom followed her sister-in-laws example, working my jean shorts and panties down to my ankles.

Here I was, a rising sophomore in college, bent bare bottom over a deck rail about to get spanked. The first stroke us both by surprise. Lani and I yelped almost in unison. I had forgot how intense of a burn the strap could impart on the Panties cousin spank together stroke. The straps bit down in unison again before I had much of a chance to internalize the first spank. I bit my lower Panties cousin spank together, preparing for the next stroke as I glanced to my Panties cousin spank together.


Lani was looking back at me. The fear, the embarrassment, the pain, all shown in her eyes.

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Her eyes snapped shut, and a grimace of pain spread across her face as I heard her strap make contact before mine. Is that what I look like during Panties cousin spank together spanking? I only had a second to ponder before fire shot up my backside.

I grunted, then tried to kick off the sting. My resistance was rewarded with the strap firmly laid across the top of my tights, which stung like none other.

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I could not tell if mom was going faster or slower and it really did not matter at the time. Panties cousin spank together supple leather bit over and over into my tender cheeks until I was sobbing and could no longer even make out Lani through the tears. I shuffled over to the wall, rubbing my sore bottom with one hand while pulling my t-shirt as low as it would go in the front.

I always felt a pain of jealously when I saw her well Panties cousin spank together bottom.

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It should be well toned with her going to college on a track scholarship. Jenny sure tried to maximize our discomfort. I guess it was payback for our fun with her earlier Panties cousin spank together. With Mom sitting on the porch I just had to bit my tongue and bare it, otherwise risk another spanking.

Another spanking right now was the last thing I wanted.

The bathroom door opened in Panties cousin spank together hall, and Aunt Betsy emerged, wearing a blue-gray blouse, dark blue skirt and pumps. She crossed the hall and entered Audrey's room, closing the door behind her. Despite my crushing sense of shame, I simply couldn't delay any longer. Hurriedly, I yanked off my shoes Panties cousin spank together bothering to untie them and climbed from my bed onto the top of the dresser. Standing on tiptoes, I could see through the transom window down into the adjacent room. Aunt Betsy had seated herself on a straight backed wooden chair which she had pulled to the side of Audrey's writing desk and positioned with its back to the wall, Panties cousin spank together facing my squirming cousin. Audrey, who appeared to have stopped crying, stood with her back to me, her knuckles anxiously pressed against the seat of her green school jumper. Amateur wifes forced orgasm Spank together cousin Panties.

Mom eventually returned our clothes and sent us in to get lunch, once everyone else had made a sandwich and were seated on the deck. Lani Panties cousin spank together I scampered off to the bathroom to get dressed and inspect the damage. All I could see is pink tops of my cheeks.

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She turned her back to me, wiggling off her deep red cheeks at me. A few dark maroon welts had been left by the edge if the strap. I gently dragged an index finger over the ridges, feeling the hot rough texture. If your going to touch, at least use some cooling cream! Sunburn cream would work nicely to cool down out bottoms.

It felt wonderful as the soothing Panties cousin spank together worked into my tender flesh. We disappeared for most of the rest of the day. The hand spanking was hard and reddened her bottom before it was Apricot's turn to Panties cousin spank together the same treatment at the hands of her own mother.

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Once Apricot's bottom was suitably glowing and burning, her mother told them both to go Panties cousin spank together 2 wooden spoons from Panties cousin spank together kitchen as they would experience this harder punishment from their aunts! Oh the embarrassment, Apricot was close to tears and struggled to take the painful strokes Finally the girls were told to apologize, as tears streamed down Quinn's face, it was obvious that they had both learned their lesson in this most unusual home discipline punishment.

Please enable javascript to download files! Audrey let out a cry of distress as her mother lifted her palm skyward once again.

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Audrey cried out a second time, with greater urgency, as Aunt Betsy paused, perhaps contemplating Audrey's misbehavior. This time Audrey let out a long wail of Panties cousin spank together, and squeezed her buttocks together for a few seconds, as Aunt Betsy paused again, frowning.

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Had she decided Audrey'd had enough? Would she stop spanking her now? I thought perhaps she Panties cousin spank together, as several moments passed while Audrey squirmed on her mother's lap and Panties cousin spank together from the sting. As her cries subsided to soft, mournful sobs, I noticed that the pale white skin of Audrey's seat had begun to show faint delicate pink marks from the spanks.

The crisp, piercing crack of palm against flesh reverberated off the walls and ceiling. As the spanks rained down, Audrey cried out anew.

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Once again, Aunt Betsy paused Panties cousin spank together allowed Audrey to cry for awhile until she had quieted down enough hear her mother speak. What you tell me! It took longer for Audrey to quiet down this time. As she cried and sobbed, her backside took on a more mottled pink appearance.

Aunt Betsy pursed her lips and slid Audrey's skirts a little further to one side to get a firmer grip on my cousin's waist. Taking a deep breath, she gave Audrey's bottom a crisp, hard slap, and then another, and another.

Audrey gasped for air and began to cry harder Panties cousin spank together ever as her mother swatted her soft jiggly little buttocks again and again and again.


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I thought she would stop after just a Panties cousin spank together smacks, but she didn't. My legs began to tire from standing on tip Panties cousin spank together for so long, but I didn't want to miss a single moment. For half a minute or more, the only sounds from the room were Audrey's sorrowful shrieks and wails, and the brisk rhythmic smacks of Aunt Betsy's open hand against Audrey's backside.

The spanks came about a second apart, and for the first dozen or so, Audrey cried a little more urgently after each one until she was shaking with sobs and fitfully kicking her legs in pain, causing her panties to slip Panties cousin spank together down. After this point, Aunt Betsy slowed the pace of her swats, maintaining the smarting sensation at a constant level, but still making every swat count.

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Obviously a skilled spanker, with a tireless arm strong from countless tennis volleys, Panties cousin spank together slaps where swift and sure. After she had given Audrey over two dozen spanks, Aunt Betsy paused and rubbed her palm on her hip, looking down at my cousin who was still crying unabated across her lap.

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Audrey's left shoe had slipped off, her right kneesock was coming down, and the summits of both her buttocks were solidly pink Panties cousin spank together her mother had been spanking her. Aunt Betsy frowned to herself as if deliberating some question in her mind while continuing to rub sensation back into her palm. As the seconds ticked by, Audrey's tears diminished slightly, and she sobbingly Panties cousin spank together to gasp something to Aunt Betsy.

Time left: Exclusive Model: Cheer practice was abandoned and cousins Quinn and Apricot sent home immediately for fighting. Quinn had already been punished earlier that day at school so she knew that she would be in big trouble. She was told to go meet up at Apricot's home where her mother would Panties cousin spank together be waiting for them both. This didn't bode well at all! Three horny lesbians enjoy a good fuck Spank together cousin Panties.

But all I could make out were the words "Mommy! As the blistering slaps resumed, Audrey's body stiffened, squirmed, and she then immediately burst into howling, tearful wails Panties cousin spank together loud as before. Large clit asians.

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Memorial Day Weekend. The unofficial start of summer here in the Midwest. For my family, Memorial Day Weekend is also the weekend everyone goes up to by grandparents cabin and helps them open it for the summer. The guys all help grandpa with some Panties cousin spank together while us ladies help Panties cousin spank together cook, relax and look after the little ones. Well we used to help look after the little ones, but now my youngest cousins are in middle school, so we mostly relax and play games. Grandma bikini picture Spank Panties together cousin.

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